Education and the Ipad

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This is interesting, not so much on the content, but the seemingly invasive role that Apple has in the education sector. Just yesterday a colleague was handed a brand new Acer tablet. Was he happy? No! Even though he had never used an iPad before, he knew that he had to have one. Admittedly i use an iPad for my day to day library tasks, and really wouldn’t do without one. It’s not that i haven’t looked into an Android tablet or a Windows tablet, hell i was convinced before i had even interacted with one that i wanted the Samsung Galaxy Tab. However, upon inspection i found the experience clunky and uninspiring.

In a meeting today our Flexible Learning Librarian didn’t even bother with asking us to get out our ‘Media Devices’. Such is the pervasive and ubiquitous nature of Apple and Apple products that we assume, that everyone has one. I take issue with the fact that the education/library industry are willing to rollover and be taken over by one product. For libraries it’s the same sort of issue as relying too heavily on Google. We will all be out of a job soon if we keep giving over to Google and it’s hungry drive for total domination of the information industry.


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