Mobile wars pose tough choice for publishers

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With the advent of applications and their undeniable influence on content, this article questions whether quality has been put to the side as companies have to be innovative under pressure. Within the education sector the catch cry at the moment is cloud learning and open remote access. It’s popularity is obvious with the meteoric rise of MOOC’s (Massive open online courses) as well as Coursera and ItunesU. Therefore the quality of platforms and applications created have to be thoughtfully designed with longevity in mind. As per this article, we can already see that quality is in question as many companies have to support the various platforms they have chosen to disseminate their information. I would argue that although capabilities of most applications and programs have usability in mind instead of content, i would envisage that eventually we would see most software created by one program that fits all devices. One example of this is responsive design.


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